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Principles and values

SAPHNA is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in practice, taking forward the Public Health agenda by working in partnerships for the benefit of children and young people and the communities where they live and learn. This will be facilitated through the dissemination of the Journal of School and Public Health Nursing, conferences/events, bulletins, website, research, social media and other activity with key stakeholder groups.

We believe:

  • improving Public Health outcomes for children, young people, families and communities is central to School Nursing practice
  • School Nursing is pivotal to the delivery of best quality standards of Public Health for all and, therefore, to reducing inequalities in health and wellbeing
  • by ensuring the highest standards of education, research and practice School Nurses can deliver a world-class service
  • we can develop an environment of academic and professional excellence, in which, School Nursing leaders of the future will flourish

Our vision

To achieve equality and excellence in School Nursing practice leading to improved health outcomes for all children, families and communities.

Our objectives

SAPHNA is committed to the advancement of the health of children and young people through the promotion of excellence in School Nursing, in particular but not exclusively by:

  • raising standards, building expertise, creating networks and promoting research and innovation in practice
  • raising awareness amongst stakeholders for health, children, families, education, schools and others of the benefits of developing evidence-based practices that improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people

Working to improve quality and consistency in School Nursing practice by:

  • acting as a centre of excellence for improving capacity and capability in School Nursing
  • supporting ongoing leadership of School Nursing
  • identifying, highlighting and providing targeted professional development to address gaps
  • developing new and effective ways to share key public health information with families, both directly, and through the School Nursing service
  • supporting career development
  • providing the profession with a national voice across the UK
  • acting as a political base for influencing Government decision making
  • building communication strategies via national and international links
  • promoting and participating in research, ensuring dissemination of findings
  • linking with like-minded organisations

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