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Annie O’Neill

I am passionate about School Nursing, which I have been doing for 10 years, and was one of the highly selected Public Health England’s National School Nurse Leaders. I am also a volunteer on the WeSchoolNurses twitter…

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Anne-marie Gallogly

I have worked as a qualified nurse for 27 years in a variety of settings and specialities, offering me a diverse experience of nursing. The specialities include cardiology, respiratory, endocrinology and Emergency Department.

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Ann Podsiadly

I qualified as a registered general nurse in 1987 and then completed my Registered Sick Childrens Nurse course working in paediatrics until I moved to a staff nurse in a school nurse team post in 1995.

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Elaine Davies

I have worked as a registered nurse since 1994 qualifying as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse in School Nursing 16 years ago in 2004. I have held a variety of team leader roles in the North of England. I have also worked for 5 years in the North East developing a healthy weight service…

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Fiona Rogers

I qualified as an RN in 1990 and initially worked in adult settings. Following a desire to work with children, young people and families moved to a SCBU in 1999. Continuing this desire to work with C, YP and F began school nursing in 2006 working as a School Staff Nurse. My passion for school age…

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Julie Critcher

I qualified as nurse in 1982 and began my career in Accident and Emergency Nursing, initially working days and then having had children returned onto nights. I firmly believe that this experience provided me with some excellent transferable skills for school nursing for example the ability to manage

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Lyz Donegan

Having started nursing in 1980 I am now proud to say I have been in the nursing profession for forty years. The first twenty years of this time was spent working on a variety of wards including paediatrics, orthopaedic rehab and stroke rehab.

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Sharon White OBE

Sharon White is a qualified nurse, midwife and school nurse with over 40 years’ experience of working with children, young people and families. The majority of this time has been spent in the community at operational, managerial and strategic levels. Prior to her departure from the NHS she was…

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Sallyann Sutton

I have worked in the NHS since 1986, 27 years within School Nursing qualifying as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse in 2005. I have held a variety of roles including clinical team leader, lead for mental health and most recently Professional lead.

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Maggie Clarke

I am a registered Children’s Nurse/Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SN); in 2015 I was made a Queen’s Nurse. My previous roles have included Clinical Lead for HV/SN, Prof Lead for School Nursing in Leicester and now work for Compass HWB charity as Assistant Director for Universal Services.

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