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Catherine McEvilly

SAPHNA Trustee

Catherine’s professional role is Principal Consultant in Health & Social Care and Quality Assurance, specialising in risk management, governance strategies, regulatory compliance, and service user requirements. Catherine started her professional career as a registered midwife, moving to higher education to become Head of Midwifery and Lead Midwife for Education. A range of roles across multiple organisations within health and social care led to specialising in quality assurance, carrying out quality assurance monitoring and approval reviews and regulatory compliance as an Associate Professional and Registrant Visitor with Mott MacDonald on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Catherine’s professional knowledge and skills include promoting excellence in practice, enhanced standards for professionals and improved outcomes and quality of experience for service users.

Catherine has a grown-up family and volunteers at a local conservation centre, delivering educational activities for primary school age children. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys travelling, theatre and trying to master the basic skills of archery.

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