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Pegah Sharifi

SAPHNA Trustee

My name is Pegah Sharifi. I am currently pursuing an MSc in Public Health while working as an Early Years Practitioner at Busy Bees Nursery. Additionally, I have recently taken on the role of Learning Support Assistant for autistic children at the nursery.  In this capacity, I am dedicated to developing and implementing health and care plans that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of these children.

As a Public Health professional, I am deeply committed to addressing the myriad challenges that children face. I firmly believe in the fundamental public health tenets of prevention, protection, and promotion, and I strive to apply these principles specifically to support vulnerable population. My goal is to leverage my expertise to effectively address and overcome the difficulties these children encounter. I am passionate about making a meaningful and positive impact in their lives through my knowledge, skills, and unwavering commitment

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