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Have your say! Take part in a brief online survey about the benefits and challenges of School Nurses’ work during the Covid-19 pandemic

This brief online survey will enable you to share your experiences of new ways of working remotely and creatively with children and young people.

Funded by the General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust researchers from Oxford Brookes University, the University of Birmingham and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust want to find out from school nurses how practices have changed and developed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Your contribution will help to map the new ways of working that were adopted and will inform guidance beyond the pandemic and strengthen service delivery in the long term


NCEPOD Transition study – young person and parent carer online survey – Contacts

NCEPOD are undertaking a study to look at the process of transition from child to adult health services. As part of this study, we are collecting the views of young people and parent carers on the transition process via an online survey.


Title of Study – Safeguarding Victims of Domestic Abuse during Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities

Researchers at Liverpool John Moores University and Manchester Metropolitan University are conducting a national survey exploring the impact of Covid-19 on domestic abuse safeguarding policy and practice.

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Self harm survey for 0-19 research network

You are invited to complete this questionnaire – Alternatives to self-harm in young people, which should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete

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