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Leadership Training

SAPHNA offer Leadership courses for School and Public Health Nurses including Health Visitors, School Nurses and Designated/Safeguarding Professionals. We have delivered this for NHSE, and other commissioners, for over 5 years and have offered flexibility to make it bespoke for a combination of different learners.

High quality leadership has never been more important, this course equips leaders with the tools and skills to promote and develop their service including practical information and skills such as tendering and business planning as well as the leadership qualities and attributes needed for dealing with rapid change and working in a context of uncertainty and complexity.

This is a comprehensive leadership course, aligned to the 9 dimensions of the NHSE academy Healthcare Leadership model

It includes two days’ face to face training with a gap of 4 weeks minimum in between to enable fulfilment of the practice element. This has been developed in response to wide consultation and robust evaluation and is open to any band 6-8a, qualified for two years or more who is enthusiastic about leadership and change.

You will be expected to commit to the pre and post course preparation, an in- practice task and to attending two full days 9am – 5pm for the taught component.

We welcome further discussion with you on meeting your learners needs. Contact

Examples of most recent feedback include:

‘Many Thanks for your update on the evaluation very positive as usual. Another good job completed.’

‘I feel much more confident and understand my leadership role much better, I’ve had a small win with my peers, which has given me a much needed boost’!

‘The theory of leadership was something I previously yawned at; I am not proud of that. The approach and teaching style of the facilitators has ​totally changed my outlook to a much more positive one and I am now fired up for action. I’m going to try some of your teaching methods out using the fab resources you provided to us. Thank you’.

‘I had no idea what to expect and was ‘invited’ to attend this by my manager. I am so glad she did. Following Day 1, I decided on my in- practice task and then used this and my learning to develop much more open, honest and productive Commissioner conversations. This is a total turnaround from where we were at before’.

‘I have used my learning to do a mini-version with my colleagues. As a result, we developed and submitted which encouraged further very positive dialogue. We are excited that some additional funding has now been granted to fund a pilot of our initiative. Thank you’!!

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