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Annual Conference 2023 – recordings

Looking to a positive future: strengthen | prevent | promote | protect 

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This year’s virtual conference aim was to motivate and inspire the school and public health nursing workforce and enable delivery of high quality, evidence informed care to children and young people.


Greg Fell – Director of Public Health, Sheffield & Vice President Of the Association of the Directors of Public Health

Professor Jamie Waterall – Deputy Chief Nurse, Office for Health Improvement & Disparities, Department of Health & Social Care

Dame Rachel de Souza – Children’s Commissioner

Dr Joe Hall – GP Partner and Provider of School Nursing services


Workshop TitleSpeakerOverview
Using a Coaching Approach to Improve Staff Well-beingCaroline Watts MSc, RN (child), SCPHN, Coach  The workshop will explore using coaching approaches to improve staff wellbeing. Case studies will used to consider areas of wellbeing. Using coaching principles more widely in the school nursing role will be explored. The session will offer tools to take back into practice
Eating disorders hidden in plain sight: the National scandalHope Virgo: Author and Multi Award Winning Mental Health Campaigner / Public SpeakerOver the last few years, we have seen a huge increase in the number of people struggling with eating disorders. In this session we will explore the different types of eating disorders, contributing factors and where we fit into this in supporting those around us. There will be time for a Q & A, and discussion time so please do bring any concerns, questions or thoughts.   You will leave the session with a better understanding of eating disorders, how to talk to someone, what to do if you are worried, and how to support those around us who may be struggling. The session will be harrowing, honest but inspiring.
School Nurses: modelling the way  building a health assessmentRachel Livsey MA SCPHN RN (child) Queens Nurse  To encourage and share the learning from developing a health needs assessment that is now embedded in trust safeguarding policy. Exploring how the health needs assessment came to be. Gathering the evidence, writing and piloting the model and the future.
Introduction to the LGBT+ School Nursing ToolkitHenry Sloman RN, SCPHNThis workshop will give a brief overview of the newly developed draft LGBT+ School Nursing Toolkit. Explained the reasons why this toolkit has been developed and how it can best be used to influence practice. The first half of the workshop will be presenting the toolkit for the first time and the second half will be open for reflective practice and questions in relation to working with LGBT+ young people within school nursing. 
How skill mix colleagues enhance school nursing teams  Karen Cornick: RSCN, SCPHN Queens Nurse  During this session we will consider the vital role that skill mix practitioners have in School Nurse teams. We will look at how we manage skills and define roles so that every practitioner complements the overall effectiveness of the team.  The session will consider how skills competencies are assessed and developed to ensure that every member of the team is competent and confident to provide the highest quality care.  Lastly, an example will be shared of how the entire School Nurse team in Warwickshire works together to complete health needs assessment.
A new resource to support school aged immunisations.                 Julie Critcher: RN, SCPHN, PGCPESAPHNA and Sanofi have worked on a project in relation to immunisations with creative input from Ashfield communications team. The workshop will discuss the rationale for the work that has been undertaken and share innovative resources for services to use to dispel myths and promote uptake of immunisations with young people.

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