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Exciting news and update on the Lancaster Model

The Lancaster Model- September 2020 – V2 launched

We are delighted to share the news that V2 of The Lancaster Model ® is now live!

The Lancaster Model®

The Lancaster Model has launched! Click here to view video

Initially created in 2008, The Lancaster Model’s  proactive approach  is designed to ensure that children, Young people and their families have their needs assessed at key stages and to support the SPHC community in delivering  the Healthy Child Programme using an research and evidence based methodology.

2012 brought the launch of the Department of Health’s  “Getting it right” with The Lancaster model shown as an example of “What does good look like: Using and Evidence base”

In 2014 the TLM went digital enabling online delivery of the model’s sustainable health needs assessment element. It ensures that all children, young people and their families receive a health and development review at set life stages, without having to have a face to face meeting with a professional.

As part of the Lancaster Model’s approach, regular reviews allow for feedback and improvements and as part of this ongoing commitment to innovation and high quality. To deliver on these, 2020 brought a new Information Technology Partner, Aire Logic Ltd who are committed to improving the relationship between technology and clinical practice. Forms4Health is a great example of the innovative products they have created and this is now a major part of the new TLM!

The new system,  with a second upgrade to follow in 2021, will continue to allow School Nurses to promote and protect the health of children in the developing years. With its new child friendly format and images, and its focus on improving outcomes, we believe it’s a service that is in synch with the way children young people and families live their lives.

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