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Testicular Health Webinar

What you may not know about teen testicular health

SAPHNA are delighted to host this webinar, which provides an opportunity to update your own knowledge about these testicular conditions as well as to increase your awareness about the offers currently available for schools with regard to staff training and PSHE resources.

FRIDAY 7 JUNE 2024 – 12:00-13:00 – ONLINE

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Most young males aren’t aware that they could face the loss of a testicle in their teens, and not due to a sporting injury, either. Testicular torsion is the main cause of testicle loss amongst school-age boys, mainly due to late presentation to hospital, and testicular cancer diagnosed late can lead to serious illness. Both conditions can be quickly and effectively treated if caught early but this requires boys to be willing to tell someone about a problem with their testicles at precisely the stage when they find it most difficult to do so.


Prof James Green, Consultant Urologist, Barts Health Trust, has over 25 years’ experience in treating boys with these conditions. He is keen for all school nurses to be keenly aware of the symptoms of, and best responses to, testicular cancer and torsion. He believes complications from the more serious effects of these conditions could be massively reduced through education of pupils and school staff.

Dr Vicky Stubbs, RSHE consultant, trainer and resource-maker, has 20 years’ experience in teaching young people about their bodies and their health. She has worked with James, other NHS experts and a graphics team to create teaching materials and training resources for pupils and school staff as well as nurses. These resources have achieved the PSHE Association’s quality mark.


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