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SAPHNA support Allergy Awareness week 24th-30th April 2023 and are delighted to be partnering with Kitt Medical

Severe allergic reactions (called ‘anaphylaxis’) can be fatal within 10 minutes, but symptoms can be treated with adrenaline auto-injectors. Unfortunately, studies have found that almost half of those with allergies don’t carry their own pens – they’re either forgotten or out of date.

On top of this, anyone can actually develop an allergy to anything at any time in their lives… in fact, 20% of serious anaphylaxis incidents that occur in schools across the UK happen to children that didn’t know they had any allergies.
After a student named Karanbir Cheema died as a result of a severe allergic reaction to cheese at his school in 2017, legislation in the UK changed – allowing schools to purchase spare AAIs which can be used by anyone, for anyone, in an emergency (Human Medicines Amendment Regulations 2017).

That’s why Zak Marks – Co-Founder & CEO of Kitt Medical who lives with a severe nut allergy – created the now award winning ‘Anaphylaxis Kitt’ service, to be ‘just like a defibrillator, but for allergies’.

Through their service, schools and academies across the country receive a yearly supply of adrenaline pens to be stored in the accessible wall mounted emergency ‘Kitt’. All school staff also get access to Kitt’s very own online CPD accredited training course, to help increase awareness of allergic conditions and preparedness to treat anaphylaxis.

In Zak’s own words: “I’ve lived with severe allergies for as long as I can remember and have always found it to be a burden. Whether it’s not knowing where/what I can eat, being scared I could have an allergic reaction, or just always having to carry two adrenaline pens on me at all times, it unfortunately creates a daily inconvenience – one which I wanted to try and solve. I’m so excited that we’re now creating a new standard for allergy care with schools and academies across the UK”

There’s an estimated 1-2 children with allergies in every school classroom in UK, which is why leaders across the education sector like Jon Needham, Director of Safeguarding at Oasis Multi-Academy Trust have called the innovative service a “no brainer”.

They recently partnered with the 14 school ‘Palladian Academy Trust’ in Bath.
First Aid Lead at Ralph Allen school, Trevor Smith, said: “It eases the pressure when you know there is something you can grab at a moment’s notice when required for a medical emergency, and with Ralph Allen having three Kitts on site, if a student were to have an anaphylactic reaction, one of these life saving boxes could be grabbed from anywhere on site within 60 seconds. It really is the equivalent of an AED for Anaphylaxis.”

The Executive Headteacher at Fitzmaurice Primary school, Tracey Dunn, added:
“Anaphylaxis happens so quickly, so training teachers to be able to deliver the right care and having these bright orange, portable and easy-to-use kits ultimately mean everyone is kept safe. The kits contain clear instructions for use, which is perfect when an emergency has arisen.”

Get proactive about allergy care at your school for Allergy Awareness week, and visit the Kitt Medical website to find out more about their Anaphylaxis Kitt service.

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