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Response to Telegraph article

The School Nursing Uncovered podcast is a collaboration between Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s digital health transformation service and SAPHNA (School and Public Health Nurses Association).  

The podcast was created by school nurses across the NHS, for fellow school nurses to discuss the challenges and issues affecting children, young people and families, celebrating their huge value and impact in supporting their health and wellbeing.”


  • The podcast series includes the role of the school nurse, mental health, vaping, gender identity, safeguarding and healthy lifestyles. 
  • The podcast aims to provide a platform for discussion and sharing, enabling school nurses to celebrate the huge value and impact school nursing has in supporting the health and wellbeing of children and young people. 
  • School nurses work in line with the Human Rights Act and Equalities Act, to ensure personalised support is provided to each individual to enhance their health and wellbeing outcomes.”

We remain very proud of the podcasts, the governance, quality, safety and content of this podcast and the professional actions of all involved, and have received positive feedback and support from listeners and organisations. 

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