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Nurses working in Education Settings Special Interest Group

TUESDAY 21 MAY 2024 – 14:00-15:00 – ONLINE


We have been approached many times about guidance for registered nurses working in the independent setting or indeed by independent schools wanting guidance on what to expect or what a registered nurse can do in an independent setting. SAPHNA is working Jane Graham, Nurse working in an Independent Schools to develop guidance on clinical and practice aspects of the roles. We have had early conversations with the RCN and Unite and a planned meeting with NMC to help inform the guidance, with the potential to co-produce with the unions. We anticipate that this guidance will be of help to both nurses working in independent educational settings and those employed directly by other schools in e.g., local authority mainstream education.

Topics that we already have on our list to explore include:

  • Nurses’ role in safeguarding and contribution to the school’s safeguarding structure.
  • Health promotion – making better use of the healthy child programme.
  • Confidentiality: physical, sound proofed walls – medical information sharing – facilities
  • Chaperone procedure.
  • Record Keeping (access to NHS records and emails)
  • Advanced first aid
  • Management of chronic medical conditions/care planning/teaching/clinics
  • Staff education on medical conditions/annual updates.
  • PSHE
  • Staff first aid – in house training? Indemnity insurance for this
  • Medicines management

At the webinar, we would like to gain your views about these topics, share your experience from practice and tell us about any other issues that you think should be included in this guidance for independent school nurses and their employers. Following the webinar, we will be seeking volunteers to be part of a short lived task and finish group to help write this guidance.


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