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NHS Mail access for Independent school nurse’s update

Following our Special interest group for Nurses based in Educational Settings,  I contacted Gabby Rice, Project lead NHSE, she has shared the following update: ‘the list is currently sitting around 100 members which is great, so we have everything from that to get started. Unfortunately, I have been pulled into another project within my team so haven’t had capacity to progress this recently. I’ve spoken to my manager, and we are going to free up some capacity for me to progress this with Accenture (the team who will be assigning the licenses) sometime after the Easter break.

I appreciate this is another delay in the process and we have a cohort of nurses who are extremely keen to get a central tenant license, it’s been a balancing act with multiple projects on the go.

I’ll be in touch as soon as the work has restarted.


Sharon White

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