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Makaton training available for nurses

Makaton training available for nurses

A new elearning resource for nurses to develop their understanding of Makaton and learn basic Makaton signs, has been added to the NHS Learning Hub.

The training provides information about the different ways in which people communicate, and how nurses need to consider these different options when caring for people. It also provides key techniques and tips to use as nurses to improve our communication skills, and provides resources that will help us as nurses to learn skills to effectively provide care for people with different communication needs and styles

By the end of the session, learners will know:

  • how to better support patients who have communication difficulties
  • how Makaton uses speech, signs and symbols as a means of communication and how to apply it in the workplace
  • some basic vocabulary to start their Makaton journey
  • how to access further information, training and support through the Makaton website

It has been developed by NHS England and The Makaton Charity and is available free of charge for all nursing staff.

For more information, please visit the Makaton Training for Nurses webpage.

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