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ITV Shining a National Light on Food Poverty and School Nurses

As you know, SAPHNA work tirelessly as a professional organisation in our own right and also as part of a number of coalitions, raising awareness of escalating child food poverty, demanding urgent universal free school meals for all primary school aged children.

In June, as part of the No Child Left Behind campaign, spearheaded by the National Education Union, we conducted a rapid survey with school nursing services regarding their experiences. The findings of the survey were stark, harrowing and represented desperation for so many hungry families.

There has been much interest in this from national newspapers, nursing press and now ITV who also wanted to continue to shine a light on the unique role of school nurses in supporting these families but also to help amplify our ask of our decision makers! This past week they have shown interviews across multiple regions, once again clearly demonstrating our key and specialist public health roles (you) making a difference each and every day!

Huge thanks for stepping up and continuously bringing the advocates and voice of those who are most in need.

Let’s raise our joint ROAR to ensure our children are not hungry!

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