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Informing the development of the Implementation Guidance for School Health Services

The World Health Organization in collaboration with partners is planning to develop an implementation guidance for School Health Services (SHS). We are happy to inform you that the online consultation for informing the development of the guidance is now opened.

Deadline for comments: 27 March 2024

How can you help?

To develop a guidance that speaks to contexts in different regions and countries, WHO is seeking users’ perspective on key needs, challenges and facilitating factors in implementing SHS in their respective countries. We need your expertise to capture key implementation aspects that the guidance needs to cover.

Target audience for the survey

The survey is aimed at professionals involved in SHS, including school nurses, doctors, psychologists, counsellors, dental care workers, and policymakers within the health and education sectors in charge of school health programmes and/or school health services.

SAPHNA will send a response however due to timescales it is not possible to bring together frontline school nurses to inform the response.


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