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Eczema Outreach Support

Eczema Outreach Support (EOS) supports children with eczema and their families living anywhere in the UK up to the age of 18 . We know how challenging life at school can be – and we can help!

  • We have resources to help parents/carers to communicate with the school about their child’s needs.
  • We deliver online eczema workshops in classrooms across the UK (free for our members)
  • We have an animation about managing eczema in secondary school to help a young person and to educate secondary school staff.
  • We have some exciting plans to develop training for education staff in nurseries and schools across the UK, to help them understand how to support a child with eczema in their establishment.

Our primary school workshop has been redeveloped recently and the feedback since their launch in early 2023 has been fantastic:

“She really enjoyed it (…) Especially the moisture experiment. Really encouraged her to get her creams on before bed which is usually a battle!”

Joining EOS only takes a couple of minutes on our website and is free to join. Please signpost anyone who would benefit to

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