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Dogs Trust – Child-dog interaction support

Ensuring dogs and children live safely together is an important part of the work we do at Dogs Trust. Through the programmes and support we offer to parents, caregivers, and children, we can ensure everyone stays safe, and that interactions are mutually rewarding.

‘Dogs and children: living safely together’ – our dedicated webpage offers support and guidance to parents and caregivers about closely supervising child-dog interactions, including practical tips and tools. The webpage can be found via this QR code. Booking for our free, online, family workshop all about ‘Dogs and children: living safely together’ can also be found using this QR code. 

Be Dog Smart – our popular primary school programme reaches around 450,000 children each year and teaches them how to behave safely around dogs. We are committed to ensuring that important relationships with their canine friends can be enjoyed to the fullest and remain safe and fun for everyone. More information, including how to book, can be found via the QR code.

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