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Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel – Publications live yesterday

The Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel has on 15 December 2022 published a suite of documents. These relate to serious child safeguarding incidents in 2021

Annual Report 2021: Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel: annual report 2021 – GOV.UK (

Analysis of LCSPRs: Annual review of local child safeguarding practice reviews (

Rapid review examples: Child safeguarding rapid review examples – GOV.UK (

The Panel and What Works Children’s Social Care have jointly published an analysis of Safeguarding Partners’ yearly reports: Safeguarding Partners’ Annual Reports Analysis 2020-21 – What Works for Children’s Social Care (

In addition, the department has published two research reports covering the 1998-2019 serious case review period. These reports aim to give a final overview of practice and the major continuities, changes and challenges during this period:

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