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Young people’s nutritional health training

This one day training supports school and public health nurses in working with young people regarding their nutritional health. It provides clear information and guidance as well as many interactive tools and resources to provide effective interventions. This includes an educational film and a mobile app for young people to use and for school nurses to use as an engagement tool.

The training includes:

  • school nurses and young people’s views on nutritional health
  • environmental influences and case studies
  • nutritional information
  • tools and activities to engage young people with weight concerns
  • motivational interviewing
  • clinical assessment, life style assessment and psychological assessment
  • how to encourage and support behaviour change
  • examples of care pathways and when to refer to specialist services

I found the training highly informative. It increased my confidence in relation to evidence-based knowledge. I valued the tools and resources included in the training and found them very useful aids for health interventions with children and young people.

School and public health nurses – SAPHNA Burdett project evaluation report 2018

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