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Two workshops per day;

Choose 2 workshops for ONE day and 4 for TWO days. All others will be available via a recording following the event.

1. Change Your Mind – Peer education mental health programme Sophie McPhee and students Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Walsall SallyAnn Sutton SAPHNA / Walsall 0-19 Service Leader.

2. School Screener – Parent Communications: Improve Security, Safety and Speed with the New SchoolScreener Parent Portal’. Presenter Marta Kalas (COO at Thomson Screening)

3. ChatHealth – An integrated digital offer for Families, Children and Young People: Supporting school nursing teams to implement an award-winning, innovative solution to offer digital access to healthcare advice and support

4. MAAPP – Using digital technology to optimise multi-agency safeguarding. The value of integrating resources into practice – Caroline Flynn. CEO MAAPP, frontline Social Worker, Team Manager, Child Protection Chair

5. The Lancaster Model In partnership with Aire Logic Ltd, to deliver the earliest intervention through Innovative Tech, to significantly improve outcomes for children, young people, and their families

6. The key role of School nurses in supporting young people with eating disorders – sharing and learning from my shared lived experience Hope Virgo, campaigner, author, ambassador Shaw Mind Foundation

7. The SAPHNA Vision for School Nursing; rhetoric into reality SAPHNA Team

8. Showcase of exemplary COVID 19 School Nursing service redesign and offer a selection of x4 case studies Presenters tbc


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