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Upcoming free NHS webinars on children’s mental health

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust are offering free webinars on mental health in schools

Mental health in schools: an introduction to mental health leadership

Thursday 20 October 2022: 4 – 5pm
In this introductory webinar, we’ll share the role that school leaders can play in ensuring good mental health and wellbeing – for children, young people and staff.

Mental health in schools: leadership and wellbeing in early years

Tuesday 6 December 2022: 4 – 5pm
This webinar on will focus on promoting the social, emotional and mental health of children and adults in early years settings.

Mental health in schools: leadership and wellbeing in primary settings

Tuesday 7 February 2023: 4 – 5pm
In this webinar we will explore the topic of anxiety and how it presents within school, or through school avoidance. We will consider some practical ideas for making primary schools feel like a safe space for learning.

Mental health in schools: leadership and wellbeing in secondary settings

Tuesday 25 April 2023: 4 – 5pm
In this webinar, Heather Daulphin, will explore the range of mental health and wellbeing challenges presented in secondary settings and how students, and staff, can be supported with these.

The free webinars support their online training course

Senior mental health lead training: a whole school approach.

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