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School nursing workforce ‘holding’ children and young people on the waiting list once accepted as requiring CAMHS services

Dear All,


We are receiving a high number of enquiries and concerns from our workforce regarding the growing need/expectation/culture of school nursing services inappropriately ‘holding’ children and young people who have been assessed as requiring specialist CAMHS services.

Colleagues are expressing that many are being asked to work beyond their scope of practice, against their NMC code of conduct and are very concerned for both themselves, colleagues and the children and young people.

We have raised this at the NHSE safeguarding collaborative today who have accepted this as a significant risk. As part of their efforts to better understand and support they require more evidence.

Please can you let us have your local practitioner intelligence in the form of a BRIEF case study/outline including:

  • Practitioner role
  • Geographical region
  • Anon child details/age
  • Diagnosis and date of
  • School health services offer/intervention/time frame
  • Expected CAMHS appointment (if known)
  • Other relevant information

We need this as a matter of urgency so please return ASAP

Thank you, Sharon, and all at team SAPHNA


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