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SAPHNA update from our Scottish school nursing colleagues

As SAPHNA look to learn more about school nursing in Scotland, Jean Cowie, Principal Educator, NHS Education for Scotland, kindly provides us with an overview of current happenings and plans for the future:

Currently, in Scotland, there is national reference group / implementation group for school nursing. This is where challenges, good practice, decisions and on-going work regarding school nursing is shared and discussed. The group consists of SN leads from each NHS Board, Programme Leads from the HEIs delivering school nurse education, and colleagues from partnership (RCN, UNITE, UNISON), Scottish Government and NHS Education for Scotland.

The Scottish Government committed to increasing the number of school nurses in Scotland by 250, which we are currently working towards in partnership with NHS Boards and HEIs.

You may be interested in the Transforming Roles Programme in Scotland and various community roles are in transition. The link to the Scottish Government transforming roles papers is here

Also, the School Nursing Priority Areas and Pathways in Scotland may be of interest, see link here

You’ll note that in Scotland, SCPHN – Health Visiting and School Nursing programmes are delivered at Scottish Credit and Qualification Level 11: Masters degree level. This was agreed several years ago and is in line with the Transforming Roles Programme and Post-registration Career Development framework.

Work regarding the refocusing of the school nursing role and service is still on-going.

Hope this very brief overview gives you some insight into what’s happening in regard to school nursing in Scotland.

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