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SAPHNA, the School and Public Health Nurses Association, responds to today’s announcement of the Public Health Grant allocation

We are delighted to see a more positive move from our Government in this years allocation following years of continuous cuts to budgets and, as a result, school and public health nursing services.

We will never replace the wealth of lost services and experience, however, this can and should provide the springboard for the forthcoming Spending review to provide a significant and fit for purpose long term settlement.

Working in critical partnership with the local authorities and directors of public health, we are a pivotal workforce currently working tirelessly to educate, promote, prevent and protect our nation against Coronavirus.

Sir Michael Marmot’s recent review alongside the State of Child Health provide us with stark evidence on the widening of health inequalities and declining health and well-being of children, young people and families. Ongoing investment into school and public health nurses can turn this tide.

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