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Responses to consultations

Below are just a few examples of responses to consultations we have made as part of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance

We can and do make a difference to policy, guidance, and best practice. Please do continue to ‘Have your say’ and let us have your invaluable views to inform  our work. Watch out on the website for ‘Call out’s’ for evidence. Thanks to all for your continued contributions.

PCF Submission to inquiry into ICS autonomy and accountability

As part of our membership of the Paediatric continence forum we have submitted this response to the Health and Social Care Committee inquiry: ‘Integrated Care Systems: autonomy and accountability.

The inquiry is considering how Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) will deliver joined up health and care services to meet the needs of local populations. In particular, it is considering how ICSs will be able to operate with the flexibility and autonomy required in order to tackle inequalities in the populations they serve and whether the pursuit of central targets can be consistent with local autonomy.


See our consultation response to the RCPCH safeguarding guidance for early medical abortion

National guidance for fixed penalty notices for attendance will be developed but response shows awareness that these can be used incorrectly and penalise pupils with health conditions. There will be further consultation in Sept on the framework we will keep an eye on. There is also a separate ongoing consultation ‘School registers and national thresholds for legal intervention’ ending on 29th July that we do not have capacity to co-ordinate a response for as an Alliance but would like to flag for anyone interested in making an individual response

We called for the prevention of impairment of health to be explicitly recognized as a safeguarding issue and weren’t able to land this but did get the sections on the Equality Act and duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabilities expanded

NICE have said that schools should regularly review their medical conditions policy alongside SEND accessibility plan on Recommendation 1.1.4 (p. 5) in this update – it’s really positive to see this referenced here and it will strengthen our calls for DfE and other orgs to note more notice of the statutory guidance to support pupils with medical conditions

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