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NHSE to set up Complications for excess weight clinics

Stakeholder Briefing

Complications from Excess Weight (CEW) Clinics  


The NHS England Children and Young People Transformation team are rolling out a pilot of 15 new specialist clinics to provide intensive support to children and young people living with obesity.

  • Funding for the clinics for this year totals £3 million and will enable 16 clinics to be initially established.  This is set to double next year.  
  • It is expected that at least 1,000 young people will be treated in the clinics for conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnoea, and mental ill health. 
  • Children and young people will receive a holistic assessment by a team of specialists including consultants, dieticians, clinical psychologists, specialist nurses, social workers and youth workers.  


The NHS Long Term Plan committed to providing treatment for complications related to children and young people living with obesity. As a part of this, NHS England’s Children and Young People’s Transformation Team have developed a framework for locally commissioned services. This was based on the experience from Bristol Children’s Hospital and from expert clinical advice.   

The development of the above work resulted in the establishment of Complications from Excess Weight (CEW) clinics across England to identify and treat complications of obesity for those aged 2 to 18.  

As part of this new NHS England pilot scheme, every region of the country will have at least one clinic, with some clinics placed in areas of higher social deprivation as part of the NHS Long Term Plan’s commitment to tackling health inequalities.  Patients will be referred to these clinics based on a number of factors including complications from obesity and a BMI in the 99.6 percentile – which means they are classed as children and young people living with severe obesity.

Children and young people will be able to access CEW clinics following a referral from a variety of settings to ensure that those who require the service are being referred. Referrals should be considered from a range of clinicians across the patient pathway including: 

  • Community paediatrician.
  • General practitioners from primary care; and
  • From another clinical speciality (i.e. CYP mental health services) or secondary care paediatrician.

Each patient who is seen by a clinic will be given a tailored plan taking into consideration their wider needs in consultation with their family. This may include interventions such as family-based therapy, behavioural coaching, dietary planning, and mental health treatment.  


The following sites have been established with two further sites being mobilised next year as detailed below.  

  1. Bristol Children’s Hospital as the ‘hub’ site 
  2. Derriford Hospital (outreach clinic) 
  3. Southampton University Hospitals acting as the hub 
  4. Kent and Medway CCG will include an outreach clinic (outreach clinic) 
  5. Kings College London Hospital and Bart’s Health NHS Trust will work together to cover East London 
  6. GOSH, University Hospital London and Tavistock Hospital will work together to cover West London 
  7. Addenbrooke’s Hospital  
  8. Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals  
  9. Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital  
  10. Nottingham Children’s Hospital / Leicester Royal Infirmary are working together to provide an offer for East Midlands 
  11. Sheffield Children’s Hospital  
  12. Leeds Teaching Hospital (to be mobilised in April 2022) 
  13. South Tees Hospital (to be mobilised in April 2022) 
  14. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital  
  15. Manchester Children’s Hospital  
  16. Royal Preston (outreach clinic) 

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