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Safeguarding our most vulnerable

We’ve never met in person but through the power of social media and a few rushed calls, it was affirming and empowering to finally connect with Caroline Flynn, safeguarding expert and developer of the MAAPA link index resource.

SAPHNA share their common ground of optimum safeguarding of children and young people through multi-agency partnerships. During extraordinary times that we now find ourselves in this has never been so important.

Despite the offer of school, many of our most vulnerable children; those abused, neglected, young carers, young offenders, looked after and others known to social care, are now spending long days away from the professional eyes, ears, hearts and structure that help protect.

For adults with mental health issues, domestic abuse, learning difficulties, poverty, unemployment and more, these are very trying times with daily added pressures reaching boiling point for some.

As services are stripped back our only recourse is to remain tenacious and committed to our safeguarding practice, procedure and policy, working in true partnership on a revised accessible offer to those of most concern. SAPHNA are beyond grateful to Caroline for donating 100 of her fabulous key ring resources to assist us in our critical works. Do consider purchasing more for yourself/service. Here she shares her story:

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