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Compass assistant director Maggie celebrated with national Cavell Nursing Star Award

Maggie received the national award for her outstanding contributions to school nursing over the past 40 years but particularly for her compassionate leadership.

Sharon White, OBE, CEO of the School and Public Health Nurses Association, was delighted, alongside Compass senior management, delighted to present Assistant Director Maggie Clarke with a Cavell Nursing Star Award to celebrate her leading role in shaping school nursing services across the UK.

Cavell Star Awards are given to nurses, midwives, nursing associates and healthcare assistants who have shown an exceptional level of care.

Maggie was brilliant at getting people to buy in — which was very difficult at the time. She’s strong, articulate, and highly intelligent, but she’s also empathic and diplomatic, which always gets the best from people. Her compassionate leadership style is one of the key reasons I nominated her for this award, as it has really made a difference over the years.

Sharon White – SAPHNA

Sharon and Maggie worked together to build and implement the unique school nursing service model for the Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Service when Compass first took on the contract in November 2015. This included bringing the service in-line with modern practices and requirements; for example, bringing in an electronic version of the Health Needs Assessment tool, using technology to identify different triggers for various forms of support.

As with most organisational changes, this transition presented many challenges, but Sharon recalls how Maggie got colleagues and stakeholders on board and ensured the promised service was delivered.

Over the past four years, Maggie has continued to gather evidence to demonstrate the service’s positive outcomes and make adaptations where required, which has been crucial to its success. Compass has recently been recommissioned once again and continues to deliver the Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Service under Maggie’s guidance and leadership.

She’s loved and respected both locally and nationally. She’s a change agent – she’s been key in the modernisation of school nursing.

Sharon White – SAPHNA

Alongside her role at Compass, Maggie is also the Executive Lead Officer at SAPHNA, working with Sharon and the SAPHNA team, to make sure school nursing services across the UK, are best equipped to meet the needs of children, young people and families today. She has been instrumental in initiatives such as the development of ChatHealth, which enables young people to get confidential health advice via text message.

I’m overwhelmed to receive this award, particularly because of the background of the Cavell Nursing Star Awards which roots back to nurses who made phenomenal contributions in the early days of nursing that changed lives and brought us to where we are today. I don’t think I should get all the credit though – it takes the hard work and dedication of everyone involved to deliver a service, so I’d like to thank my team for being amazing and continuing to work on improving what we offer.

Maggie Clarke – Compass

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