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Fiona Rogers

I qualified as an RN in 1990 and initially worked in adult settings. Following a desire to work with children, young people and families moved to a SCBU in 1999. Continuing this desire to work with C, YP and F began school nursing in 2006 working as a School Staff Nurse. My passion for school aged health care was ignited in this role and continued for 12 years, completing SCPHN BSc course. I worked as a Band 6 SCPHN SN continued this journey and was promoted to 0-19 Locality Manager in 2015.

To broaden my knowledge and skills my career took a turn in 2019 into Children and Young Peoples Commissioning and Continuing Care for a CCG.  My experience has spanned both provider and commissioner roles and provided an invaluable insight into the differences and similarities working in Children’s Services. I completed the Public Health England National Leaders course and as a Queens Nurse am committed to learning, leadership and patient centred care.

I am passionate about providing effective evidence based equality services for Children and Young People and recognise the challenges ahead. I support School Nurses to demonstrate they provide an evidence based service with measurable outcomes and recognise there is a need to joint work with partners including local authorities and the 3rd sector.  I am an advocate of social media and the benefits it brings professionally and personally. My interests include childhood obesity & physical activity, continence, emotional health and well-being, continence and leadership. I plan to commence MSc study 2020 and continue a career working to make a difference to children and young people.

Hobbies include spending time with family and friends and a longing to be fit. Creative writing provides light relief from the day job. I volunteer for SAPHNA and am in the process of becoming a Trustee for a local mental health charity.

Tweet me @firogers3.

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