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Elaine Hawcutt

The business enabled me to improve the health and wellbeing in the individual and provided me with skills to work creatively and collaboratively with stakeholders to build and engage the service user(s). To assist in my induction as a School Health Nurse I had the opportunity to apply to Leeds Beckett University and qualified as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (School Nursing) in 2015.

I am currently working as a Specialist Public Health Nurse for Harrogate District Foundation Trust (HDFT). My role necessitates me to work across agency boundaries within multidisciplinary teams. I help lead on service design and improvement, and deliver integrated care systems to coordinate health care within a 5-19 skill mixed Healthy Child Team. I am responsible for effective service and NHS developments to help support new models of care specific to local need. I work in collaboration with identified service leads and commissioners to prevent ill health and offer an early intervention service. I raise awareness and support professional leadership, and maintain regulation associated with the staff group/s within my area of responsibility.

I represent my department at a regional level and work with commissioners, and key stakeholders/partnerships. I am responsible for raising awareness in generating a vision screening pathway for 4-5 year olds within York and the findings from this piece of work have been shared at a national level and correlate to a Public Health Education (PHE) publication as a set of resources to support the commissioning and delivery of child vision screening.

I contribute to national policy, development and consultations with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. I am a School and Public Health Nursing Association (SAPHNA) committee member, and within my personal time I act as a Public Health Nurse Consultant and regional representative. I lead on specific initiatives in improving health strategies and I am SAPHNA 1​link to the UK wide Health Conditions in Schools Alliance, this work has been correlated into wider shaping of service development and review.

I have experience in management and leadership and apply my leadership skills in supporting and managing projects particularly within my current and previous role as a Nurse Manager, in which I worked to the Director of Public Health on a wider 0-19 team transition. I am enthusiastic to provide strategic leadership to aid delivery of national health improvement/prevention strategies. Furthermore, I am eager to develop my position as a Public Health champion, and create the correct skill mix of dedicated volunteers to provide specialist advice about health improvements and interventions, which can help to promote community and school health champions. I show a strong commitment to modernising services, and I feel that by integrating services, Healthy Child and Public Health Teams can be part of the vision and growth.

I like to run, cycle, walk and socialise with friends and family in my spare time. I can be contacted via email at

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